The value of football

With stadiums at Barclays Premier League matches 95.9% full, we consider the investment that clubs and fans are making in supporting their teams.

Achieving full stadiums does not happen by accident. Clubs work very hard to ensure that as many fans as possible have the opportunity to follow their team in person. Each club has a responsibility for its ticket pricing structures, and their priority is to ensure that grounds are full of passionate fans creating the vibrant atmospheres for which the Barclays Premier League is renowned.

All football clubs think long and hard about ticket prices and most develop broad pricing structures that meet the needs and budgets of the vast majority of fans.Robert Elstone, Everton Chief Executive

Everton Chief Executive Robert Elstone believes his club is making football more affordable:

“All football clubs think long and hard about ticket prices and most develop broad pricing structures that meet the needs and budgets of the vast majority of fans. Junior prices are invariably attractive as clubs work exceptionally hard to get young fans in their stadiums. Many clubs work with local schools, junior football clubs and businesses to offer heavily discounted group rates.”

Young girl reads Everton programme

Elstone also pointed out that 94% of fans at Goodison Park across the entire season pay £40 or less per seat. He also noted that 90% of Everton season ticket holders buy early and average an £85 discount, with 40% of supporters paying under £500 for a season ticket.


  • 90% were early birds who saved £85
  • 17% of adults paid less than £10 per game
  • £5 per match for under 12s
A young Everton fan in front of a poster of the players

“Finding the money to come and watch Premier League football is difficult and should never be taken for granted. But, let's get our facts right and acknowledge that almost every club is totally committed to providing value for money and making football accessible to the widest possible cross-section of society. That’s certainly true at Everton.”

The kids are £95 each, which is fantastic as it's only £5 a game.Jason Howard, Everton fan

We are family : Q&A with Jason Howard – Everton fan, 46

  • When and why did you start supporting Everton?

    In 1977 when I was 8, my teacher in Ellesmere Port took a group of us from one-parent families to an Everton match – since then we have all been hooked.

  • How much did your season ticket cost you this year?

    This year we paid around £550 each for our adult tickets through the early bird club scheme; the kids are £95 each, which is fantastic as it's only a £5 a game. All the stewards and staff are brilliant with the kids. It’s fantastic value for money.

  • What do you and your friends and family enjoy most about matchday?

    We all love the whole experience of match day. We go to the local cafe for breakfast and have a good chat about the game ahead. Then we go to the EFC Fanzone and join in the competitions. The atmosphere is fantastic and when the teams are read out there is a massive roar and we all start clapping as Everton run out to the ZCars theme music.

  • Have you noticed improvements in the match day experience?

    It has improved a lot since my first match as an eight year-old in 1977. The kids love all the entertainment, competitions, hand-outs and bands in the Fanzone. Half-time is much improved, with old players returning and kids allowed on the pitch. There’s a lot to be said for modern football.

  • A family attending an Everton game
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