"There is no better
drama on TV"

What does the Premier League deliver for our UK and international broadcasters that is so unique? As NBC Sports’ Rebecca Lowe and BBC Sport’s Guy Mowbray explain, it is the live and unscripted drama.

NBC Sports’ Rebecca Lowe | BBC Sport’s Guy Mowbray

  • Rebecca Lowe in the NBC Studio

    Rebecca Lowe

    Our coverage is all about getting fans in the United States as close to the Premier League action as possible. Despite the fact they live 3,000 miles away, our job is to bring them the sounds, the smells through the pre and post-match, going over to England through the season and presenting pitch side. The most important way we bring the story to life is by making all 380 games available live on TV or online.

  • We’re ‘appointment viewing’ for families because it’s same channel, same time and same place for nine months of the year. Every Saturday and Sunday morning kids are getting mum and dad to join them on the sofa to watch the live matches. Then by lunchtime they are done and can go play football themselves.

  • The drama is why everyone loves the Premier League. At the end of our live 10am match we bounce around the other stadiums. My favourite weekend was when there was a game changing moment – an equaliser, a winning goal, a red card – in every game we went to. All that is great about the Barclays Premier League was encapsulated in the space of five minutes.

  • Guy Mowbray in the BBC commentary box

    Guy Mowbray

    The beauty of commentary and Match of the Day this season is that we don’t know what will happen. We have a running order and, if everything went as you would expect, then nothing would change. I don’t think the order has stayed the same all season. There’s always a change because the matches never unfold how we think.

  • What makes it the most exciting league is the unpredictability, there’s a result every week that makes you go ‘wow’. It happens all the time in commentary. On the opening day of the season I did Manchester United 1 Swansea City 2. Then Manchester City swept aside Newcastle and Liverpool in their first two games but third match they lost 1-0 at home to Stoke. You get to mid-season and think nothing will surprise you. I was at St James’s Park and saw Newcastle beat Chelsea out of absolutely nowhere.

  • I love the pace and intensity. I don’t think there’s another league like it in terms of end-to-end action. I don’t even know if the phrase end-to-end even exists in other countries. There is no better drama on TV. This is live, being played out in front of you, you don’t know what’s going to happen and it’s different every time.

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