There's a new fan in town

Every year leading research agency Populus surveys over 40,000 people about the Premier League. This season their research uncovered an intriguing new phenomenon in the football fan world.

They have been dubbed ‘Modern Fanatics’ and account for 26% of all Premier League match attenders. They are younger, well-informed and connected to the Premier League 24/7. Over half of them play Fantasy Premier League, compared to a quarter of other match attenders and 89% use the internet daily for Premier League news.

Modern Fanatics are far more likely to watch Premier League games on-the-move via mobile devices and 81% of them get news from social media platforms, compared to just 36% of traditional fans.

Sunderland midfielder Sebastian Larsson poses for a selfie with a young fan

You build up for the whole week to see your team for an hour and a half. Newcastle fan, 23

Modern fanatics – along with millions of others – are able to stay connected to the Premier League between matches:

  • 8.6 million twitter followers – up 91% this season
  • Over 30 million facebook likes – up 33% this season
  • 1 million followers since launch in Oct 2013
  • Over 3.5 million people played Fantasy Premier League last season

If something big happens, like a player missing a penalty, you’re on social media talking about it.Swansea fan, 35

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