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This season, Premier League occupancy was over 95%. Fans came because they enjoy the on-pitch drama and the off-pitch experience around it. This has helped ensure our audience is younger and more diverse than ever.

Football generates enormous interest in Britain. Some 21 million adults are fans of the game. For the second season in a row, Premier League stadium occupancy was a record 95.9%, which is one of the highest utilisation figures in world sport. The cumulative attendance was 13,741,982, with supporters coming to Premier League grounds for the excitement on the pitch, but also the welcoming overall experience.

Our supporter research found that during the 2014/15 season, a record 25% of the adult population supported a Premier League club and 31% followed the League. Interestingly, we also found that our audience was younger and more diverse than ever before.

More children were season ticket holders

Young people’s increasing engagement with the Premier League is reflected in the fact that children's season ticket sales increased from 57,370 in 2013/14 to 58,168 in 2014/15. This is 12% of all season ticket sales. Over the last decade there has been a 26% increase in junior season ticket sales.

A young girl on her fathers shoulders at Manchester city

Premier League fans are getting younger

For many years our attending adult fans have been younger than the general UK population. The number of 18-34 year-olds attending matches grew to 40% – only 29% of the UK population are in this age range. The age of the average adult fan attending Premier League matches has decreased to 41 years of age.

Young crystal palace fans

Female attendance is at an all-time high

Among women, engagement in the Premier League is growing. A record 26% of match attenders are female. There are now also more female club supporters than ever before – 16% support a Premier League club, up from 12% in 2008/09.

Mother with two daughters at an Aston Villa game

Our audience is the most ethnically diverse it’s ever been

For the first time, over half (51%) of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) population of Britain are interested in football. The percentage of the BAME population attending Premier League matches also continues to increase season-on-season, and is now a record 16%.

Arsenal fans at the Emirates
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