The Fans

"These supporters helped make me the player I am today."
Steven Gerrard, Liverpool

Delivering on match day and beyond

Jamie Vardy celebrates in front of Leicester fans

Full and vibrant stadiums

Premier League stadiums were 95.9% full, with a more diverse audience than ever before

A Newcastle fan taking a picture on his phone

There's a new fan in town

Young and well-informed 'Modern Fanatics' are connected to football 24/7

Supporting fans | investing and listening

A family attending an Everton game

The value of football

Everton CEO Robert Elstone on affordable ticketing and a fan talks about keeping football in the family

An SLO talking to fans at QPR

The art of listening

How Supporter Liaison Officers at Premier League clubs go above and beyond to improve the match day experience for fans

Our broadcast partners | home and away

T V presenters in the N B C studio

"There is no better drama on TV"

Whether home or away, Premier League broadcasters provide the highest-quality coverage of the drama as it unfolds. Go behind the scenes with our NBC video.

Indian Manchester United fans in Mumbai

Global events with a local impact

Our exciting in-country events like Barclays Premier League Live helps fans worldwide get closer to the action